Office of Field Education COVID-19 FAQ

  1. What is the PITT - Oakland Campus Current COVID Posture? You can find the Pittsburgh Oakland campus and all four regional campuses statuses listed on the University’s Operational Postures webpage. On October 19, 2020 the Pittsburgh Oakland Campus will be moving to Guarded Risk posture.


  1. Do I Need a Flu Shot? With cold and flu season fast approaching and no way to distinguish cold or flu symptoms from COVID-19, we encourage everyone to get a flu shot. The University is hosting free flu shot clinics for students on all campuses (see: Registration is required. If you plan to travel to campus for the flu shot clinic, you a required to fill out the Daily COVID-19 Health Check prior to arriving on the day of your appointment.


  1. Does My Field Agency Require a Flu Shot? All field students are required to sign and submit the Field Safety Review Form within 30 days of beginning a field placement ( As part of this process, you will know whether a flu shot is required by your agency (Question 15).  For example, UPMC and AHN require flu shots, UPMC’s by October 15. 


  1. Where can I find COVID-19 Updates? Now is the time to be hyper-vigilant about your health. If you are experiencing any symptoms, you should quarantine from others. Remember: there is a difference between isolating and quarantining. The University’s guidelines regarding quarantine and isolation are available at: Your field agency’s policies may be more restrictive than the University’s but not less. If the Agency's policy is more restrictive (quarantine etc...) than the University's, you must abide by your Agency's policy.


  1. What if I am exposed to COVID-19? As a student you are to follow the University's guidelines. If a student is in "close contact" with someone who tests positive, the student is to quarantine for 14 days. The University (and CDC) recommend that someone who is quarantining for this reason should get tested. The student should inform their field instructor and field advisor that they need to be quarantine for 14 days and will be unable to attend in person field work. Student should discuss with their field advisor about access remote field work hours opportunities. Student should also check with their field instructor to determine if their agency requires negative tests before the student may return to field work.


  1. What Do I Do if I Receive A Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis? If you receive this diagnosis outside the Pitt system, you must notify our campus Student Health Service to ensure proper care coordination. By self-reporting, you help us improve our ability to control the virus on our campuses.   


  1. Am I Required to Disclose a COVID Test to My Field Agency (Regardless of Result)? Students are not required to disclose a COVID test result to their agency However, they are encouraged to do so,  so the agency can protect their clients/consumers and staff


  1. Am I Required to Disclose a Positive COVID Test Result to My Field Agency? Students are not required to disclose a positive COVID test result to their agency However, they are encouraged to do so, so the agency can protect their clients/consumers and staff


  1. What are the implications of travel? Regardless of the University’s Operational Posture, students are strongly encouraged to remain in the general area (i.e., local region and adjacent counties) of their Home Campus and to avoid any travel until the end of in-person classes for a given academic term. This includes limiting Personal Travel to the maximum extent possible 


***Regarding Field Placements, please note that any student that travels outside of the local region (Allegheny and surrounding counties) will need to quarantine for 14 days). For example: if a student goes home to New York for Thanksgiving, they cannot return to in-person field work and will only be able to continue in field remotely. University Policy is outlined in detail below- Please be sure to discuss your plans with you field instructor as soon as possible so that you can continue to accrue field hours after Thanksgiving break.


  1. Anyone who travels outside of the local region and adjacent counties should quarantine for some period of time not to exceed fourteen (14) days prior to returning to their Home Campus in order to monitor their health for COVID-like symptoms. Quarantine is strongly recommended after traveling to locations with a high number of COVID-19 cases; using airplanes, buses, or trains; visiting crowded places where maintaining 6 feet of distance is difficult, including day trips; staying at hotels, motels, or resorts or with non-household members; frequenting bars, restaurants, or shops; and engaging in travel that involves large in-person meetings or social gatherings. 


  1. A student who is quarantining after travel may consider shortening the quarantine period if two negative tests are submitted to Student Health Service, following specified requirements from these services. Tests should be administered no sooner than 3 days after return from travel, with 48 hours between the two tests. Student travelers who live on campus must contact Student Affairs for further instructions regarding their quarantine. Further restrictions may also apply and must be adhered to, as determined by current guidance from the CDC (, Allegheny County Health Department (, Pennsylvania Department of Health (, or


  1. Please review the Pitt Community Compact:


  1. What about the spring term 2020? Students should be aware of the statement by Provost Cudd-this can be accessed at this link – Further information will be coming out to discuss how this affects field work in the near future.


  1. If you have any questions- please contact your field advisor or the Director of Field Education Tonya Slawinski-