United Way Donor Profile: Rachelle Haynik

From October 20 – November 20, Pitt Social Work is running its internal United Way campaign to try to reach our school-wide goal of $12,000 in pledged donations to the United Way. Donors who give to UW through Pitt are not required to support United Way itself – you can select from hundreds of non-profits around the region, and give your entire gift to one or more non-profits of your choosing. The UW giving platform has lots of flexibility. You can decide how much you give and how often, and the pledge is automatically deducted from your payroll. You an also support multiple organizations at different levels of giving. We are profiling a handful of Social Work staff and faculty who supported area organizations through United Way last year to inspire our Pitt SW community to give generously this year and help us meet our goal. You can donate here.

Rachelle Haynik on zipline

Name and Title

Rachelle H. Haynik, MPA, Research Coordinator

How long have you been a United Way donor?

Can I count Penny Wars for the United Way in first grade? Otherwise I think two years.

Why do you give to the United Way?

I like that the United Way allows me to support multiple excellent, local agencies and nonprofits with one donation.

Do you designate your funds to certain areas or agencies? If yes, why?

No, I give to the Impact Fund. I like that this year it’s focused on basic needs, financial stability, and educational opportunity, because those are all areas I care a lot about.

How would you encourage others to become United Way donors?

Now that you can keep your recurring paycheck withdrawal from year to year, donating is easier than ever! I’d also say to take a look at the hundreds (thousands?) of organizations, agencies, and programs that are supported by the UWSWPA. Odds are you already know and love some of them. Donating to the United Way helps to spread out your support to smaller organizations that might need it just as much!