Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week: Yan Yuan

What is your current position and title?

I am currently a postdoctoral associate. I have earned my PhD from School of Social Work in December, 2020.

What is your current research about?

My ongoing research centers upon the effects of trauma on emotion, cognition, and behaviors, as well as the implications for practice, under a dynamic system of neurological, biological, psychological, cultural and social factors. In addition, I also collaborated with a group of pain experts to explore the role of emotion dysregulation in affecting pain management and treatment outcomes.

What projects do you having coming up in 2021?

In line with my long-term research agenda, I am interested in developing cultural-competent interventions accessible to underrepresented populations (such as Asian women, and low-income individuals, etc.) with histories of trauma/violence and comorbid mental illness.

What advice would you give future graduate and professional students?

As much as we all would like to strive for excellence, I am always an advocate for self-care. Be mindful of the signals that your body send, such as stress and exhaustion. Turn you mind off occasionally.