Message from Field Director to MSW Students in Spring Term Field Work

Dear MSW Student in Spring Term Field Work,

We sincerely apologize for the delay in sending out your spring field evaluation and timesheet link as the Council on Social Work Education were having ongoing meetings regarding field work and the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. We are working on sending your links out tomorrow, March 27th. Please watch for them in your PITT e-mail and forward these to your field instructor. The due date for submission is April 15th
  2. Some students did not submit their total # of hours. The field office will be reaching out to you individually if this applies to you. You may receive an “I” grade unless we receive your information.
  3. Some students have not reached the minimum amount of hours for their level in the program and you will be contacted by the field office to finalize a plan for you. This may include remote work with the agency or the School of Social Work.
  4. Please note that participation in your remote field visit is not optional and you should work with your field liaison and field instructor to schedule this meeting before the end of the term.

All part-time students: the School will need to assess your situation on an case by case basis. I am asking you to send me a summary of your situation – to include how many terms of field you have completed, how many total hours you have clocked to date, and when you plan on graduating. We will need to make an individualized plan for each of you.

Please let me know if anyone has questions or concerns not addressed in this e-mail at

John Dalessandro, MSW, LSW

Field Assistant Professor
Director of Field Education
University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work