A Student's Review of Fiscal Sponsorship and its Impact on Racial Equity

May 17, 2022 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Join us for our May 2022 Storytelling Session

MSW student Dara Pruszenski will present on her experience as a student in academia, researching and learning about community organizing and human behavior and how that curriculum helps others to understand the complex relations of culture, power, systems of oppression, and the history and possible future movements for social justice.

Using that framework, Dara along with colleague, Arwen Davis, will discuss fiscal sponsorship; what it is and how Side Project Inc. assists individuals and grassroots projects to recognize their own strengths and assets of their community by using the Asset-Based Community Development framework.

Bringing those two concepts together, we will discuss ways that fiscal sponsorship can be used as a tool to empower those who are marginalized in society.

Dara Pruszenski is a second-year social work graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh.

Arwen Davis is the COO of Side Project Inc and a task supervisor for SPI's social work interns. Arwen has supervised both community organizing and direct practice social work students for nearly a decade and has worked with the ABDC model since 2010.

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Between January and July 2022, The ABCD Institute is hosting a series of virtual story sharing sessions on "ABCD in Higher Education." The series will showcase examples of how faculty, staff, and students at universities and colleges are intentionally doing - or trying to do - their work using an asset- or strengths-based approach, within their institutions or in their work with community partners.

Stories might include programs, initiatives, or short-term projects that illuminate successes and challenges. This is not limited to best practices and could include efforts that have been difficult at best.

Stories - along with associated tools and resources - will then be compiled and shared through an ABCD Institute publication, edited by the ABCD in Higher Education Work Group. All storytellers and session participants will be invited to join the work group moving forward.