Diplomas and Transcripts

Diplomas & Transcripts

  • Applying for Graduation

    • Graduation is not an automatic process.  All students who are eligible for graduation need to apply for graduation through their Dean’s Office.

    • Please submit a completed curriculum guide for your area of specialization with your graduation application (Direct Practice or COSA)

    • Applications for graduation as well as signed, completed curriculum guides must be emailed to sswgrads@pitt.edu 

  • Diplomas

    • Diplomas will be mailed out at no charge approximately 6-8 weeks after the end of your term of graduation.

    • Allow 30 days from the advertised ship date to consider the diploma lost for domestic mail, 90 days for international delivery.

    • To declare a diploma lost, please contact graduation@registrar.pitt.edu.

  • Transcripts and Enrollment Verifications

  • Education Verification

    • If you are applying for social work licensure (LSW, LMSW) prior to graduation you will need to have an Education Verification form completed by the School of Social Work Recorder. Please contact Associate Dean for Student Success Keith Caldwell at keith.caldwell@pitt.edu.