Doctoral Student Ambassadors

Ana FloresAna T. Flores is a PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work. Her research focuses on the delivery of mental health services for people with schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses. She is also interested in community involvement in implementation strategies, cultural adaptations of evidence-based practices, and Latinx health disparities contributing to poor treatment outcomes. 

Areas of Interest include: Schizophrenia, First-episode Psychosis, Psychosocial Interventions, Mental Health Services

"Navigating graduate school has been made less complicated by the great support I’ve had from faculty and other students in the program. I am very excited to pay it forward and provide a welcoming experience for those interested in Pitt."

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Laurenia Mangum, LMSW

Laurenia's clinical experiences have centered on promoting optimal health outcomes for underserved minority populations in child welfare, maternal-child health, community health, and community development. Laurenia's research interests focus on sexual health inequities among Black women, including biomedical and behavioral HIV prevention interventions. She is also interested in the role of social networks for Black caregivers living with HIV.

Areas of Interest include: Sexual health inequities among Black women, biomedical/behavioral HIV prevention interventions, maternal well-being, social networks

"What I love most about Pitt SSW is the commitment to rigorously training the next generation of social work scholars, educators, and researchers who passionately investigate the most compelling social problems of our time. There is an emphasis on building community and creating a supportive environment where doctoral students can fully explore their scientific potential while being mentored by leading experts in the field."

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