Direct Practice Concentration Curriculum Requirements

Students must take a human behavior course, a policy analysis course, and a social work research course that have content specific to direct practice. Two direct practice skills courses are required along with two skills electives. Students select general electives to fulfill the remaining course credits needed for graduation. Six credit hours of foundation field must be completed in the first year of the program. The second year practicum is offered for 12 credits. Required concentration courses are identified below.

Required Skill Courses

SWINT 2082 Models of Intervention 3 crs.
Plus one of the three courses below
SWINT 2031 Advanced Direct Practice—Cognitive/Behavioral 3 crs.
SWINT 2032 Advanced Direct Practice—Social Systems 3 crs.
SWINT 2033 Advanced Direct Practice—Psychodynamic 3 crs.

Second-Level HBSE Courses

Choose From The Following Courses
SWBEH 2062 HB: Children & Families At Risk 3 crs.
SWBEH 2065 HB: Mental Health 3 crs.
SWBEH 2066 HB: Health/Mental Health 3 crs.
SWBEH 2077 HB: Adult Development & Aging 3 crs.

Second-Level Policy Courses

Choose From The Following Courses
SWWEL 2039 Social Policy & Gerontology 3 crs.
SWWEL 2056 Health & Public Policy 3 crs.
SWWEL 2057 Mental Health & Public Policy 3 crs.
SWWEL 2059 Child & Family Policy 3 crs.