Advanced Standing

Chandler Dangerfield

Students who have received a social work degree within the past seven academic calendar years from a CSWE-accredited undergraduate program (or one recognized by the Council on Social Work Education’s International Social Work Degree Recognition and Evaluation Service, or covered under a memorandum of understanding with international social work accreditors) are eligible for advanced standing.

Those students who are granted advanced standing during the admission process can receive up to 15 academic credits. The number of advanced standing credits granted depends on the comparability of the student’s undergraduate courses to this Program’s generalist courses and on the grades they earned in those undergraduate courses (i.e., must be a “B-” grade or higher).

In addition, students entering with advanced standing can receive six (6) field education credits. The six (6) credits of field education are granted based on the number of hours of field experience completed at the undergraduate level, provided that the undergraduate social work practicum totals a minimum of 400 clock hours and the student has achieved a passing grade or at least a “B-“ grade or better.

Students who enter the MSW Program with full advanced standing can complete their program with a minimum of 39 credits, with full-time enrollment options for both 12-month (fall, spring, summer) and 16-month (fall, spring, fall) options.

Course of Study Plan for Advanced Standing Students MSW