Current Internship/Field Placement Descriptions

Students in field

The Office of Field Education within the School of Social Work offers students a wide variety of field placement options. To help students better understand the experience available at a particular field placement site, many organizations have submitted an internship description for students to review prior to requesting an interview. Below is a list (by field placement site) of the current internship descriptions we have on file. Please note that this list is provided for informational purposes only and a posting on the list does not guarantee that a specific internship remains available.  Additionally, School policy prohibits students from "shopping" for their own field placement, just as agencies are not permitted to "shop” for students. All processes must go through the field office and with the consent of the student’s field advisor. Students may express interest in an agency and provide the field advisor with a name of a contact person, but no further.

Please note that larger agencies and organizations will not respond to a student request for an interview outside of the School process; interviews are granted only when a field advisor has consulted with an agency representative prior to the student call. Some agencies may not be able to accommodate students during a particular term.  There are settings that will accept only second year MSW students. Not following this established process may jeopardize a student’s chance at securing a particular placement site.

Sample of Current Internship/Field Placement Descriptions