Funding Opportunities

SEC has limited funding available for School of Social Work students wishing to attend conferences, lectures, or other events that would benefit students’ professional development. Interested students must: Download and fill out the Request for Funding form and submit it to SEC. Requests for funding should be made in as far advance as possible (see procedures below). Submission of a Request for Funding form does not guarantee approval and should not be construed as such. Those students who are approved for funding will be notified personally and sent a Request for Reimbursement Form.

Procedures for Requesting Travel Funding

  • Download the Request for Funding (RFF) form. Fill out the form using as much detail as possible; if the exact amount of expenses incurred is unknown, please provide an estimate. The RFF must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event or conference. Requests will not be considered if the event has already occurred. The maximum award amount is $250.
  • You can submit the RFF electronically by emailing it to
  • The SEC will review the funding request at their next meeting, and the applicant will be contacted by our Business Manager with a final decision on their request. Please note: the applicant's presence may be requested at an SEC meeting to further discuss their funding request in person.
  • After the RFF has been approved and the student returns from their travel, they must submit a Request for Reimbursement (RFR) form within 14 business days unless prior arrangements have been made with the SEC. Student must provide original documentation of all receipts. Student will only be reimbursed the money they spent, even if the amount is less than what they originally requested. Any reimbursement requests submitted after the deadline will not be granted, even if the initial RFF was approved. Appropriate documentation must accompany the RFR for all expenses approved under the initial request (i.e. receipts, Mapquest directions with proof of mileage, conference registration confirmation, lodging invoice, etc). Any expenses without the appropriate supporting documentation will not be granted.
  • You may be asked to also submit a brief description of the event or conference and/or any photos you may have been taken. We will post this information on this website as a part of our "Student Spotlight" section. We may also ask that you participate in a panel discussion for travel grantees. Sharing this information will allow fellow students to see your accomplishments and learn from your conferences.
  • If there are any further questions regarding this process, please don't hesitate to contact SEC at

NOTE: Given the extremely limited amount of the SEC funds available for conference travel, students should request to attend only those conferences which are critical to their professional development. Study abroad programs are not eligible for SEC funding. Students should also explore additional funding sources such as the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA).

Any student attending conferences WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL from the SEC cannot request School reimbursement of expenses. The School will fund only those requests, which were approved in advance.

If delivered via our SEC office,

Room 2201B, Cathedral of Learning