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Hourly Student Assistants

Time sheet

Faculty student request form

Deadlines: All timesheets are due to the School of Social Work payroll office, in 2117 Cathedral of Learning by the 14th of each month, by noon. There are NO exceptions. All timesheets must be approved by the faculty or staff supervisor.

Student Employment Policy

A. In order to be employed throughout the academic year, student employees must have proof of enrollment for at least 6 credits in an on-going course of study/program at the University of Pittsburgh, such as a validated invoice or term certification. There is no credit requirement during the summer term.

B. Eligible students may work no more than twenty (20) hours per weekduring the active academic year. Students may work thirty-seven and one half (37.5) hours per week during the summer term, and during winter and spring recess. Student Employment tracks hours worked by students on a monthly basis to ensure all departments are in compliance.

C. Student workers may have no more than one job within the University at the same time. This includes work-study positions as well.

D. Students who have graduated may continue in their present position as a student employee and work for no more than four months after graduation. April graduates must terminate by August 31; August graduates must terminate by December 31; and December graduates must terminate by April 30.

E. No student may be appointed as a student employee after graduation.

F. Incoming freshmen/transfer/graduate students who have proof of registration for the upcoming fall term may be hired for summer employment.

G. Students who drop out of school are not eligible for Student Employment and must be terminated immediately. Students may also have work privileges suspended by Judicial Affairs if actions warrant.

H. A student position cannot be changed automatically to a staff position and students cannot be moved automatically into a vacant regular staff position.

I. Students are covered by Worker’s Compensation and liability insurance but are not eligible to participate in the other fringe benefits established for faculty and staff, including unemployment compensation.

J. Non-Pitt students will not be hired during the academic year or summer term.

K. Student Employment is not able to offer assistance to children of faculty and staff who are not registered students at the University of Pittsburgh.

L. Students who attend the University through the academic year as special students (take courses at the University of Pittsburgh but have them transferred back to their own college/university) are eligible for Student Employment. Students who attend another college/university through the academic year and take courses at the University of Pittsburgh during the summer only are not eligible for Student Employment.

M. Individuals who are enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh in all certificate programs do not qualify for Student Employment.

N. During the academic year, graduate students primarily registered for dissertation/thesis credits are not eligible for Student Employment positions outside of their academic department. Dissertation/thesis students are not enrolled in and do not attend actual courses, and preference must be given to students taking at least 6 credits of actual coursework. Graduate students holding assistantships throughout the academic year may be paid as student employees by their department during the summer term. Individuals not meeting the above mentioned requirement may still work through the University, but will be paid as temporary workers through All-Temps or through Faculty Records.

Exceptions to the above should be initiated through the Student Employment Office. Exceptions may be considered, but only with departmental justification and approval by the Student Employment Office. Applicants that do not qualify for Student Employment may still be hired as temporary workers through All-TEMPS (412) 624-8367.