School-Based Research Services

All research services are managed through the school’s finance and business office.  The business office is responsible for all aspects of pre- and post-award research administration for external and internal sponsored research grants/awards. 

Principal Investigators are ultimately responsible and accountable for the content of all information associated with their respective sponsored projects. The finance and business office will provide guidance and services as specified below.

Social Work Administrative Services

  • Assist investigators with the preparation and submission of proposal applications
    • Budget development and assistance with the budget narrative
    • Grant application’s cover page and other standard forms
    • Letter of support from the Dean (if applicable)
    • Resource pages and other “Boilerplate” information
  • Monitor project budget activity to ensure compliance with University and sponsor policies
  • Review and approve all sponsored research expenditures
  • Preparation of monthly projection reports
  • Prepare various post-award requests to sponsors (coordination progress reports and financial reporting)
  • Coordination and management of subcontracts with external organizations
  • Coordination and management of professional service agreements for consultants and specialized services
  • Effort documentation and management
  • Serves as a liaison to the University of Pittsburgh, Office of Research
  • Representative to other academic and central units to negotiate contract and award terms
  • Interpret and implement University policies related to grants and contracts at the Department/School level

Central (Institution), Office of Research, Administrative Services

  • Review and approve all grant and contract proposals to outside funding agencies.
  • Negotiate grant and contract awards for the University with funding agencies
  • Authorize the establishment of accounts for accepted awards.
  • Negotiate and prepare subcontracts from University awards to other institutions and organizations.
  • Interpret and implement University policies related to grants and contracts at the Institution level
  • Review, interpret, and disseminate policies of outside private and governmental funding agencies.
  • Maintain a grant and contract database and generate regular reports on sponsored programs.

Additional Information

Support for Specialized Services

Proposal Development Timeline

Institutional Resources

University of Pittsburgh Research Policy

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