Daniel Jacobson




Daniel Jacobson, LSW, received his MSW from the University of Pennsylvania and his BA in Sociology from Skidmore College. Jacobson is currently a PhD candidate in the program. Prior to receiving his MSW, Jacobson worked as an bilingual Investigator with the NJ Office of the Public Defender, both in the Law Guardian and Criminal divisions. He worked on cases ranging from burglary to double homicide. Jacobson's research is primarily focused on adult sexual assault of gay men of color. Specifically, he is interested in how racism, homophobia, and heterosexism influence the experiences and the response to  Latino and Black men reporting rape. In addition, Jacobson's research interests include the societal stigmatization of Latino/a immigrants and Latino MSM.  Jacobson is also on a research team with the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA), who works in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme in developing a LGBTI Inclusion Index.

Jacobson is currently a CSWE Doctoral Minority Fellow, a national fellowship, that helps provide funding and resources for his research on sexual assault against gay Latino men. He is currently an Albert Schweitzer Fellow and he will be providing a relationship support group for gay men of color as part of the fellowship. Jacobson founded the Latin American Graduate Organization of Students (LAGOS), the first Latinx graduate student group at the University of Pittsburgh. He also is on the Sexual Assault Task Force - Men's Subcommittee and the Sexual Assault Coalition at the University of Pittsburgh, among others. Lastly, Jacobson will also be volunteering as a Medical Advocate with Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR) as in the Fall.

Selected Awards and Fellowships

Albert Schweitzer Fellowship (2017), Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program 

Doctoral Minority Fellowship (2017), Council For Social Work Education

John Hope Franklin Combating Racism Award (2015), Black Men at Penn, University of Pennsylvania

Center for Hispanic Excellence Leadership Award (2015), La Casa Latina, University of Pennsylvania 

Conference Presentations and Posters

Petracchi, H.E., Jacobson, D. & Keane, G. (2017, October) “GLB Social Work Faculty Experiences: Addressing Our Own Challenges Before We Educate.” Presented at the 63rd Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), Dallas, Texas.

Whitfield, D. L. & Jacobson, D. (2017, April). The complexities of identity: The role of internalized stigma in risky sexual behavior among Black gay men. Poster accepted for presentation at the annual National LGBTQ Health Conference. Chicago, IL.

Wei, K., Booth, J., & Jacobson, D. (2017, January).  Leveraging Big Data for Social Good: Examining Moral    Values In Immigration Discussions in News Media. Poster presented at the Society for Social Work and Research. New Orleans, LA. 

Social Media

Twitter: twitter.com/danjlopez8