Amanda Hunsaker



Ms. Hunsaker has a Master's of Public Health from Emory University and a Bachelor's degree from Smith College. Prior to entering the doctoral program, she worked in health care and aging research project management. Hunsaker's research interests center on care decision-making issues for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and their family caregivers. She is additionally interested in the process of communication among people with cognitive impairment and their health care providers. Ms. Hunsaker has a broad interest in social work gerontological education as it relates to workforce development.

Selected Publications

Hunsaker, A., Sarles, C.E., Rosen, D., Lingler, J.H., Johnson, M.B., Morrow, L., & Saxton, J. (2011). Exploring the reasons urban and rural-dwelling older adults participate in memory research. American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias, 26(3), 227-234.

Rosen, D., Hunsaker, A., Albert, S.M., Cornelius, J.R., & Reynolds, III,C.F. (2011). Characteristics and consequences of heroin use among older adults in the United States: a review of the literature, treatment implications, and recommendations for further research. Addictive Behaviors. 36(4), 279-285.