World Social Work Week

Tuesday, March 18th:World Social Work Week Student Poster Session from 12-3pm in 2017 CL. It will feature posters made by MSW and BASW on their international experiences.  There will be refreshments and opportunities to talk with students about their posters.  Please stop by at any point during the event.


Wednesday, March 19th: World Social Work Day Lecture "Recognizing and Supporting the Global Service Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities" by Robin Mama at noon in 2017 CL. Lunch will be served for this event as well.


Thursday, March 20th, there will be a table at the March Career Madness alumni netowrking event devoted to global interests.  This event is 5-7 pm in 2017 CL. Please email Bobby Simmons at for more information.


Friday, March 21st: students from Global Perspectives in Social Work are screening a film entitled "Call me Kuchu" . There will also be a discussion, and advocacy event focused on homosexuality in Uganda.  The event will be at 2 pm in 2017 CL.