The latest research from SSW faculty

Read some of the latest journal publications from School of Social Work faculty:

Drug-Resistance Strategies of Early Adolescents in Mexico: Gender Differences in the Influence of Drug Offers and Relationship to the OfferorSubstance Use & Misuse, February 2016

  • Assistant Professor Jaime Booth, Stephen Kulisa, David Becerrac

The Role of Disadvantaged Neighborhood Environments in the Association of John Henryism With Hypertension and ObesityPsychosomatic medicine, February 2016

  • Assistant Professor Jaime Booth, Charles Jonassaint

Prescription opioid use: Patient characteristics and misuse in community pharmacy. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, February 2016.

  • Assistant Professor Jerry Cochran, Jennifer L. Bacci, Thomas Ylioja, Valerie Hruschak, Sharon Miller, Amy L. Seybert, Ralph Tarter

Motherhood in Liminal Spaces: White Mothers’ Parenting Black/White Children, Affilia, February 2016

  • Research Assistant Professor Mary Elizabeth Rauktis
  • Associate Professor Rachel A. Fusco
  • Associate Professor Sara Goodkind
  • Clinical Assistant Professor Cynthia Bradley-King

"When You First Get There, You Wear Red”: Youth Perceptions of Point and Level Systems in Group Home Care Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, February 2016

  • Research Assistant Professor Mary Elizabeth Rauktis

Applying Legal Socialization to the Child Welfare System: Do Youths’ Perceptions of Caseworkers Matter?, Child & Youth Care Forum, February 2016

  • Associate Professor Sara Goodkind
  • Associate Professor Jeffrey J. Shook
  • Associate Professor Rachel Fusco
  • Karen M. Kolivoski1
  • Heath C. Johnson
  • Matt DeLisi
  • Michael G. Vaughn

Sex and the Single (Neoliberal) Girl: Perspectives on Being Single Among Socioeconomically Diverse Young Women, Sex Roles, March 2016

  • Associate Professor Sara Goodkind, Laina Y. Bay-Cheng