Health CTE Course Visits Pitt

Students from the Westinghouse Health Careers Technology Program visited the University of Pittsburgh for a unique health sciences learning experience. The day began with workshops coordinated by medical students and Simon Yohannes, director of the Healthy Minds outreach program. Dr. Stephanie Gonzalez facilitated a hands-on workshop on suturing, and Dr. Sarah Monaco provided an engaging presentation on fine needle aspiration. After the workshops, students enjoyed a college dining experience at Market Place Central.

Westinghouse students then headed to the WISER Center for a tour of the simulation labs. During this tour, students were able to learn about the unique ways that Pitt trains health and medical professionals. Students were inspired and motivated by the experience; with one student saying she was “even more committed to pursuing a career in health after [her] experience at Pitt.”

Mrs. Robin Campbell, the Health Careers instructor at Westinghouse, was thrilled with how engaging the experience was for her students. She was also able to make some further Pitt connections in order to utilize similar resources in her other classes.

The Pitt Health Sciences visit, coordinated by the Pitt-Assisted Communities & Schools (PACS) program, was a huge success that represented the meaningful engagement between the University of Pittsburgh and the Homewood community.