COSA certificate for Excellence in Community Practice presented to class

Community Organizing Class (Students and Faculty)

This year the COSA certificate for Excellence in Community Practice was presented to the spring 2015 Community Organizing Class at the Afternoon of Recognition on Sunday, April 26, 2015 at Soldiers and Sailors at 4 pm. Below are comments from COSA Chair Tracy Soska:

"Again, this Excellence in Community Practice award is to recognize your collective efforts through your class this term to support and advance the Fast Food Workers "Fight for $15 and A Union" campaign that culminated in the April 15th Rally and March in Oakland.  The COSA Faculty at the School of Social Work recognize that you all worked well beyond the normal parameters of class and that this work was carried out in support and in collaboration with a community of workers struggling for social and economic justice.  Your efforts have reminded and encouraged all of us that social work stands on a legacy of social and economic justice, and that the struggles of the working poor for dignity, resepct, and value in their work deserves our support and energies.  Thank you for leading us.

I know that your class celebrated your lead instructor, Carl Redwood, Jr., for his long teaching of this class as he steps away from teaching duties at the School of Social Work and this course in particular - I would like to present this official certificate to Carl on behalf of this Class as a further recognition of his teaching and the work and passion that he has inspired in his students.  I know that he is proud of you, and as a student for whom I once served as field instructor, I am proud of him and all that he has meant to our School and our COSA students.

Again, thank you for your outstanding work this term, and I hope you will continue to stay connected and involved in what has now become an vital social justice movement for equity for working people."

Tracy Soska, COSA Chair