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The Office of Research, a central staff office reporting to the Vice Provost for Research, is charged with administrative responsibility for all University research and related activities involving extramural sponsorship. In fulfilling its duties, the Office of Research serves as both a center of advocacy for research and related activities, and facilitator of the research environment. The functional areas supported by Office of Research staff include information services, project and proposal development assistance, and grants and contracts administration for preaward and selected post-award tasks. All proposals submitted by University personnel must be transmitted to and reviewed by Office of Research staff to assure adherence to internal and external policies and procedures. The Director of the Office serves as the designated University Officer for all related matters.

Office of Research, Health Sciences (OORHS), Research Resources

A variety of research support services are available to assist University of Pittsburgh investigators in advancing their research programs. These services are made available through research centers and core laboratories within the University of Pittsburgh, UPMC and / or Carnegie Mellon University. Links to these services are provided in the menu on the left and researchers are encouraged to contact these programs directly for further details. Separate listings of Biomedical Core Facilities, Research Compliance Resources, and Centers for Health Sciences Research are also available. In addition, the Directory of Research Resources serves as a comprehensive directory of offices, departments, and core facilities within the University that play a central role in the University's research activities. Please contact the Office of Research, Health Sciences if you would like to add or correct a listing.

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Clinical and Translational Science Institute

The mission of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) at the University of Pittsburgh is to improve the efficiency with which biomedical advances translate to improvements in the health of the community. CTSI is transforming the process of clinical and translational research through the provision of research and educational resources, thus training and enabling scientists to generate and translate new biomedical knowledge.

Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of interest have the potential to threaten the integrity of a university's scholarship, research, instruction, evaluation, and administration. To ensure that its reputation and research programs are not compromised by even an appearance of inattention to this matter, the University of Pittsburgh has put policies in place - consistent with federal guidelines - that require the reporting and management of the potential conflicts of interest of its faculty, administrators, and staff.

We Pay

WePay is a web-based system that enables authorized University of Pittsburgh and UPMC

researchers to disburse payments to research study participants. The University of Pittsburgh and UPMC, as leading medical and academic research institutions, compensate study participants for their involvement in institutionally and government funded research projects. Historically, these payments have taken many forms such as cash, checks and gift cards.

The WePay electronic payment system will replace all payment methods currently in use with a secure payment mechanism that can be used across both organizations and is simple to administer. WePay cards are anonymous, instant issue, MasterCard® branded, stored-value debit cards. They are reloadable and have multiple redemption options to make it easy and convenient for the study participant to use. WePay maintains participant confidentiality while greatly enhancing monitoring, reporting, auditing, compliance and control capabilities.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)


University Center for Social and Urban Research

The University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR) was established in 1972 to serve as a resource for researchers and educators interested in the basic and applied social and behavioral sciences. As a hub for interdisciplinary research and collaboration, UCSUR promotes a research agenda focused on the social, economic, and health issues most relevant to our society.

Research Training

Internet-Based Studies in Education and Research (Training Modules)

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