SSW presents a Special Workshop on Transgender Cultural Competence Feb 27, 2014, 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Join us for a (free - except for CE Certificate) fast-paced session in which you will learn practical tools to engage trans* people and create safer spaces. Get ideas on how to let trans* and LGB (lesbian, gay, bisexual) people know that you are there for them, that you are a safe person to talk to.

Through this morning workshop, you will learn to:

Understand various trans* identities

Know issues facing the trans* community

Brainstorm ways you can be an ally to trans* people.

FACULTY: Justin Adkins, is a trans activist living in Williamstown, MA. He works at Williams College as the Assistant Director of the Davis Center (Williams’ Center for Social Justice and Identity). His work focuses on Gender, Sexuality, and Activism. He coordinates LGBTQ programing, advises students and advocates for LGBTQ-inclusive policies on campus and beyond. Justin is a regular speaker at high schools and colleges. His talks focus on bullying and LGBTQ terminology, and his trainings are founded in radical queer feminist theory. Justin is passionate about anti-politics and community organizing, especially in rural New England.

*(Note: This workshop is free, but if you would like CE Certificate for 2 hours of social work continuing education, you can pre-register or pay fee at program)

For more information, contact the office of Continuing Education at 412-624-6902

Location Information

Location: 2017 Cathedral of Learning