Welcome Message

We are very pleased with your decision to apply to our doctoral program. Doctoral education in the School of Social Work is an exciting, intellectually growing experience. Our program has a legacy of scholarship in education and research. Many graduates of our program have made important contributions to social work practice, education, research, administration and leadership. They are highly regarded, nationally, as faculty, deans, and directors in other Schools of Social Work.

One component of our School, the Center for Race and Social Problems, offers exciting new research opportunities for both faculty and students. In addition, we have faculty examining a variety of research questions relating to mental health services, including the barriers that clients experience to seeking care, and a large training grant in child welfare services enhances the array of specialized courses and skills in this field of practice. Other areas of focus include, gerontology, juvenile justice, and community based participatory research.

Between six to eight students enter our program each year, coming from a variety of regions, countries, educational, and practice backgrounds. As a result of a committed faculty, who work closely with our doctoral students, our student completion rate is high. We encourage students, upon their entry to the program, to identify an area of specialization which they can explore in their course work and assignments. The expertise in their area grows as they move through the program, building the base for their comprehensive exam and dissertation research.

We appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to reviewing your application.


Dr. Jeffrey Shook, MSW, PhD

PhD Program Director

Associate Professor