Requesting a Field Placement

Advanced Standing Students

Advanced Standing students on main campus attend a required Field Planning Meeting in September of their first year. At that time the students review the Field Placement forms and other important information students will need to know for the placement process.

Advanced Standing and second year students use the Request for Concentration Field Placement Form.

Non-Advanced Standing Students

Non-Advanced Standing students will attend the field seminar in which the placement process is reviewed. To begin the process, non-advanced standing students complete the Request for Generalist Field Placement Form. Students should read and understand the information on the forms and handouts.

First year non-advanced standing students attend a field seminar for 1 hour per week during the first Fall term of the MSW Program. Part-time non-advanced standing students attend a field seminar for 1 hour per week during the first Summer Term of the MSW Program.

UPB and UPJ students

The actual timing of planning meetings at UPB and UPJ will vary according to the readiness of each new cohort to enter the field. Generally speaking, the planning meeting will occur in the term prior to the students entering the field.

Employment-Based Field Placement

Students requesting to use their employing agency as a field site should use the Request for Employment-Based Field Placement Form.

Request for Field Placement

To initiate the "Request for Field Placement," the student on the main campus submits the completed form, a copy of a current resume to the Field Education Administrative Assistant, Room 2005 Cathedral of Learning, at the time specified on the Field Education Schedule. Students are also required to submit a Student Agreement/Release of Information Form.  An appointment will be given to the student for an interview with a field advisor in Field Education to discuss and plan the field placement assignment. Students at UPB and UPJ will submit their request to the MSW Program Coordinator.

Field Placement Confirmation

Students need to confirm their field placement schedule with their field instructor prior to the start of the field placement. No field placement is confirmed by the School of Social Work without the completed one page MSW Field Placement Confirmation Form. This form can is valid as long as both the student and field instructor sections are completed and signed and submitted to the Office of Field Education.