MSW Courses

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Required Foundation Courses

SWRES 2021 Foundation SW Research
SWGEN 2034 Foundations Social Work Practice w/ Diverse Pop
SWBEH 2063 Human Behavior and Social Environment
SWWEL 2081 Social Welfare
SWGEN 2098 Generalist Foundations SW Practice
SWGEN 2099 Foundation Fieldwork

Required Direct Practice Skill Courses

SWINT 2082 Models of Intervention
SWINT 2031 Adv Direct Practice: Cognitive/Behavioral
SWINT 2032 Adv Direct Practice: Social Systems
SWINT 2033 Adv Direct Practice: Psychodynamic

Required 2ND-Level Behavior, Policy & Research Courses—Direct Practice

SWBEH 2062 Human Behavior: Children & Families at Risk
SWBEH 2065 Human Behavior: Mental Health
SWBEH 2066 Human Behavior: Health/Mental Health
SWBEH 2077 Human Behavior: Adult Development Aging
SWRES 2033 Evaluative Research in Social Services
SWRES 2045 Qualitative Research
SWRES 2051 Single Subject Research
SWWEL 2039 Social Policy in Gerontology
SWWEL 2057 Mental Health & Public Policy
SWWEL 2059 Child & Family Policy
SWINT 2099 Direct Practice Fieldwork

Direct Practice Skill Electives

SWINT 2004 Death & Dying
SWINT 2007 Intro Psychopharmocology in SW Practice
SWINT Interpersonal Psychotherapy
SWINT 2011 Social Work Practice w/ Families
SWINT 2012 Family Based Intervention
SWINT 2018 Clinical Skills Psychpathology
SWINT 2025 Social Work Practice in Health Care
SWINT 2030 Direct Practice w/ Elderly
SWINT 2035 Family Violence
SWINT 2042 Social Work in Drug & Alcohol Abuse
SWINT 2046 Short Term Treatment
SWINT 2047 Child Permanency
SWINT 2049 Direct Practice w/ Children
SWINT 2050 Couples Therapy
SWINT 2053 Social Work Practice with Groups
SWINT 2058 Social Work in Educational Settings
SWINT 2063 Child Maltreatment: Sexual Abuse
SWINT 2064 Child Maltreatment: Physical Abuse
SWINT 2096 Clinical SW w/ African-American Families

Required COSA Skill Courses

SWCOSA 2084 Social Administration
SWCOSA 2088 Community Organization
SWCOSA 2099 COSA Fieldwork

Required 2ND-Level Behavior, Policy and Research Courses—COSA

SWBEH 2008 Human Behavior: Urban Environment
SWRES 2009 Organizational Research
SWWEL 2087 Organizations & Public Policy

COSA Skill Electives

SWCOSA 2014 Developmental Disabilities
SWCOSA 2038 Supervision & Personnel Management in Social Work
SWCOSA 2040 Grant Proposal Writing
SWCOSA 2087 Special Topics: Community-Based Participatory Research. Interdisciplinary Management Seminar in Social Work
SWCOSA 2053 Human Services and Public Relations
SWCOSA 2057 Governance, Boards, & Committees
SWCOSA 2085 Financial Management in Human Service Institutions
SWCOSA 2090 Bargaining & Negotiation

General Electives

SWWEL 2020 Child & Family Advocacy
SWWEL 2035 Global Perspectives in Social Work
SWWEL 2051 Economics and Social Work