Community, Organization, and Social Action (COSA) Concentration Curriculum Requirements

COSA offers concentration courses in Human Behavior and the Urban Environment, Organizational Policy Analysis, and a social work research course related to either of the two COSA specialization tracks from which students may choose: Community Organization or Social Administration. Students must take one of the required specialization core skill courses; however, many students prefer to pursue both COSA specializations. Students fulfill their remaining credits from a range of COSA skill elective courses, which include such topics as Supervision and Personnel Management, Financial Management, Public Relations/Marketing, Issue-Based Organizing, Community and Economic Development, and Grants, Proposals and Social Work, Social Work and the Law, and Race and Social Problems. Students may also pursue elective courses in other related professional schools. All students must complete six credits of foundation field work followed by twelve credits of concentration field placement in a range of organizational settings across an array of social work issues and program areas.

Required Skill Courses

SWCOSA 2084 Social Administration 3 crs.
SWCOSA 2088 Community Organization 3 crs.

Second-Level HBSE Course

SWBEH 2008 HB: Urban Environment 3 crs.

Second-Level HBSE Course

SWWEL 2087 Organizations and Public Policy 3 crs.

Second-Level Research Course

Select one of the two courses below based on your specialized track (CO or SA)
SWRES 2009 Organizational Research 3 crs. (SA)
SWRES 2023 Community-Based Participatory Research 3 crs. (CO)

Electives and Field Placement

COSA Skill Electives 6 crs.(two courses related to CO or SA track – see below)
General Electives 6 crs.
SWCOSA 2099 COSA Concentration Field Placement 12 crs. (related to CO or SA track)

Social Administration Electives

SWCOSA 2014  Disability Leadership**
SWCOSA 2038  Human Resource Management and Supervision*
SWCOSA 2040  Grants, Proposals and Funding Development*/**
SWCOSA 2053  Human Services Public Relations, Marketing and Communications
SWCOSA 2054  Leadership and Teams**  (cross-listing with GSPIA)
SWCOSA 2085  Financial Management*

Community Organizing Electives

SWCOSA 2090  Working with Group and Intergroup Relations: Facilitation, Negotiation and Mediation**
SWCOSA 2092  Organizing for Community change: Issue, Labor and Political Organizing
SWCOSA 2096  Community Planning and Development

*Courses required for Human Services Management Certificate (COSA or DP)
** Courses can count for either Social Administration or Community Organizing