Who Can be an Affiliated Field Organization for the School of Social Work?

Agencies are selected based on their ability to: 1) provide learning assignments and practice opportunities for students to demonstrate and eventually master the core or advanced competencies based upon measurable practice behaviors appropriate to the student's educational program and level, 2) to provide a qualified field instructor(s) who is/are able to integrate the core or advanced competencies into their work with students, and 3) to sign a university affiliation agreement.


1. Agencies can be identified as a possible field site in various ways: identification by Office of Field Education personnel, program faculty, UPJ and UPB Program Coordinators, referral from other field instructors or agency training coordinators, students, and self referral.

2. Office of Field Education personnel and UPJ and UPB Program Coordinators will initiate a discussion with an agency representative to explore agency interest in becoming a field site, possible learning opportunities within the agency, and identification of a qualified field instructor. A brief review of school and agency responsibilities occurs at that time.

3. A site visit is made by personnel from the Office of Field Education and the UPJ and UPB Program Coordinators when possible.

4. Office of Field Education personnel and UPJ and UPB Program Coordinators make a recommendation regarding accepting the agency as a field site. With a positive recommendation, the affiliation agreement is executed, the agency is listed in the field data base, and students may be placed.

5. The following information is sent to the agency for completion and return to the Field Education Office:

Additional Details:

1. The university affiliation agreement may be revised from time to time to allow for changes in educational policies, laws, and other significant factors that may impact field placement.

2. The university affiliation agreement should be renegotiated when executive personnel in agency/school changes or when the agency is significantly restructured.

3. The school does not maintain health records and clearances of students.

4. In most instances, the field education office will not recommend using agencies that have been in operation for less than one year as a field placement site.

To initiate an inquiry to become an affiliated field site, visit our contact page here.