Shannon AchilleShannon Achille

Major: Rehabilitation Sciences. 

“With my hopes to pursue a career in environmental health and individual wellness, I'm excited to develop sustainable solutions that directly impact our community.  The opportunity to engage in dialogue with a diverse group of students and mentors will be a unique and rewarding experience.”

Ranem Atia

Ranem Atia

Majors: Linguistics, Anthropology and Psychology
Certificates: Arabic Language, Linguistics and Global Studies

“Everyone, regardless of their area of interest, should be aware of social issues.  If a community is lacking proper and efficient transportation to schools, then my field as an education researcher is affected and has to adapt to those changes and try to repair them. This is true of any concentration and any problem. For a person to brush off societal problems as not his or her own is completely naïve because all issues are interconnected.”

Sharon BombergerSharon Bomberger

Major: Rehabilitation Science
Certificate: Pathokinesiology in Rehabilitation

“As a Rehabilitation Science student, my classes are preparing me well for a future career in physical therapy, but I have always felt compelled to pursue my other interests beyond my small field of study.  The Browne Leadership Fellows Program presented an opportunity for me to learn about social issues that I am passionate about, to work alongside my peers of diverse disciplines, and to spend the summer in my favorite city.  I was thrilled to learn about this unique program that would pull me out of the classroom and allow me to invest my time in bettering the Pittsburgh community—I knew I had to apply.”

Jessica CohenJessica Cohen

Majors: Communication and Public Service

"Growing up in a suburb of Pittsburgh and now living in Oakland, I've always been interested and aware of the issues facing our region. Now that I am pursuing a degree and a career in Public Service, it has only furthered my desire to become an involved and informed citizen. The Browne Leadership Fellows Program seemed to offer the hands on experience and community involvement that I hope will allow me to make a difference in my community as well as complement my academic progress"

Holly GiovengoHolly Giovengo

Major: French
Minors: Sociology and Social Work.

"The Browne Leadership Fellows Program offers a way to reach out to the larger community of Pittsburgh, an important place to me since it's city where I grew up. I applied to the program because I saw a great opportunity to learn what I already know from volunteering with individuals and from social work classes and transfer it to helping the community as a whole. I believe everyone deserves a chance to thrive and I love being the one to help them get to the point where they truly can. This learning opportunity was something I just couldn't pass up."

Alaa MohamedAlaa Mohamed

Majors: Neuroscience, & Sociology
Minor: Chemistry

"Although it has no distinct overlap with my major, I applied for the Browne Leadership Fellows Program because I saw it as an excellent opportunity for me to cultivate my knowledge outside of the classroom about areas of social justice within this diverse city that I value so much. I have always believed that everyone deserves an equal chance to have their voices heard and impact their community, and I hope that through this fellowship I can gain a better understanding of how this can be implemented in the “real world.” In the words of my favorite author, 'Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot/ Nothing is going to get better. It's not' (Dr. Seuss, The Lorax)."

Elizabeth MortensonElizabeth Mortenson

Major: Psychology

"My time working at the VA over the last year, combined with my volunteer work at Mercy hospital, has acquainted me with the strength of community. I applied to be a Browne fellow in order to deepen my understanding of that strength, and learn more about the process of generating solutions from within the unique textures and challenges of a community. I wanted to be a part of the Browne program mission to provide meaningful contributions to peoples’ lives through civic engagement and research." 

Tim RymarczykTim Rymarczyk

Major: Economics
Minor: History

"I applied to the Browne Leadership Fellows Program because I felt like it was an amazing opportunity to get involved and help people in the Pittsburgh community. I hope to pursue a career in policy making and I feel that having experience at the community level is incredibly important to effectively create policies that have a positive impact on people’s lives."

Mary SlighMary Sligh

Major: Nursing

"I was drawn to this program because community development and social justice have truly become passions of mine. I am looking toward a career in community health nursing, and I love the people of Pittsburgh. It is important that college students become involved in the area in which they learn, and the Browne Leadership Fellows Program is a wonderful opportunity to do just that."

Michelle WrightMichelle Wright

Major: Natural Sciences
Certificates: Global Studies: Conflict and Conflict Resolution and Asia Nonprofit Management

“I applied to the Browne Leadership Fellows Program because I wanted to learn more about our Pittsburgh communities, while gaining an understanding of how I can apply what I have learned in my classes to make a positive impact within them. While studying abroad in India, I was exposed to many amazing examples of strong, vibrant communities. I want to help foster that same sense of community and strengthen relationships between those here in Pittsburgh, and this program provided the tools and opportunity to do so.”