Azize Altay Harvey

Major: Studio Arts Minor: Asian Studies

“I applied for the Browne Fellowship because I think that its goal of getting students from different backgrounds to look at social issues is incredibly important. Everyone, regardless of their educational background or interests, should understand community engagement and the issues and inequalities in communities. The complexities and nuances of one’s impact on a community are often not obvious until you have spent time working in that area and learning firsthand the lives and needs of its residence. This knowledge is important, because whether you are a CEO whose company has operations in that community, a doctor treating patients form there, or an artist creating a mural for the area, no one is a passive participant in their community. We all play a role in the ones we work and live in that we should be aware of.”


Rachel Hopkins

Major:Political Science / Psychology

“My overarching goal, both within this program and in my future career, is advocation. I want to act on behalf of neglected and underrepresented demographics in efforts to remedy and combat the injustices they face, and by participating in the Browne Leadership Fellows program and collaborating with the inhabitants of a single community, I hope to understand the struggles unique to their neighborhood and reach lasting solutions that will meet their needs. I plan to pursue law or social work as a career, and I expect that through this program, I will be given the skills, knowledge, and experience that will broaden my capacity for effecting meaningful change. As a Browne Leadership Fellow, I will take my first steps towards securing social and economic justice, and I am so excited for the opportunity.”

Olivia Kelley

Majors: Sociology / Urban Studies

"After spending a fair amount of time in the nonprofit world learning about the nuances of community development  I was eager to engage in the opportunity provided by the Browne program to return to an academic setting to learn about these topics. In addition, I am excited for the opportunity to broaden my horizons and learn about grassroots change from a group of passionate Pittsburgh residents."


Brittny Klinedinst

Major: Natural Sciences

“Adversity doesn’t just make an appearance in one’s life, it arguably becomes a part of your very being.  It’s because of the adversities I have overcome in my life that I am who I am today. Pittsburgh and the Browne Fellows Program presented to me, the opportunity to prevent others from experiencing said adversities in the future, or at the very least—the chance to help and support those in the community overcome their adversities in any way that I can.”


Britney Lewis

Major: Marketing

“Achieving the honor of becoming a part of The Browne Leadership Fellows program is a means of giving back to the Pittsburgh community and providing services to those in need. It is an opportunity to enhance the leadership and interpersonal skills I have previously learned, while fueling my passion for helping others. It is also a chance to have a direct impact on a neighborhood in need in Pittsburgh. A big problem that neighborhoods on the outskirts of cities face is poverty and their everyday needs not being met. Spending my summer helping an organization take steps to improve this problem will be worthwhile.” 


Breanne McDermott

Major: Pre Med

“I chose to attend the University of Pittsburgh because of its promotion and encouragement of civic engagement, something I did not experience growing up in a suburban environment. The Browne Leadership Fellows Program offers a way to engage in the Pittsburgh community and contribute to making a positive change a relevant and significant social issue. As a premedical student, I plan to use these experiences to improve my understanding of this community and advocate for the patients I hope to treat in the future. I look forward to spending this summer engaging in community action projects and immersing myself in the city I now call home!”


Ian Meisner

Major: Urban Studies/Business

“I believe that the future depends on our cities and that everyone should have access to the urban experience. As a Browne Leadership Fellow, I’m excited to engage with a Pittsburgh community and to work on initiatives that promote both socially and economically equitable community development. In the classroom, I’ve learned about current urban issues and theories of social justice, so it will be extremely rewarding to apply this knowledge and help solve various community issues here in my favorite city. I look forward to gaining public service experience and working with the other fellows in creating a more livable Pittsburgh for all."

Noah Puleo

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Certificates: Nonprofit Management and Sustainability

“Growing up in a small town and graduating from a very small private school, I feel my sense of community is one of my best qualities. Because of this, I am excited to take my small town beginnings and expand them into the Pittsburgh community through the Browne Leadership Fellow. I have many interests, but I have a particular passion for helping others and particularly helping others through environmentally sustainable practices. I am excited to gain many tools and experiences through the Browne Leadership Fellow that I can use to make a direct impact in the Pittsburgh community.”


Gabrielle Towson

Major: Urban Studies & Public and Professional Writing

Minor: Public Service

“One of the reasons that I choose to attend the University of Pittsburgh was because of the dynamic and evolving nature of the city itself. As an Urban Studies major, I am inherently interested in how cities are built, grown and supported and have been able to learn much about the manner in which this has been done through my work as a Homewood Community Fellow over the last year. Working in Homewood has allowed me to better understand how strategic engagement in communities between civic leaders and residents can inspire lasting social change that disrupts economic and social disparities throughout communities. As a Browne Fellow, I hope to continue to learn how I, as a civic leader, can translate my passions into meaningful service that contributes to sustainable community development for all residents.”


Anisha Verma

Major: Neuroscience 

“The incentive to find a solution to a problem is indeed challenging, but once accomplished; it can provide a sense of unity and pride amongst people. As a Browne fellow, I seek to join hands with the Pittsburgh community and be part of an interesting endeavor to learn about the issues the city faces and the ways these issues can be tackled efficiently. This fellowship will provide me with the opportunity to learn skills, which cannot be acquired through traditional classroom learning.”