Sarah Atta

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Chemistry

Certificates: Arabic Language and Linguistics; Conceptual Foundations in Medicine

“Education and knowledge are power; the Browne Fellows Leadership Program provides the views, insights, and skills that I hope to acquire in order to practically assert this power in a meaningful way as a student. As someone who has always hoped to pursue a career in healthcare, I have been involved in and understand the impact of community service and the constant need for such engagement. It not only uplifts the individuals involved, but raises the morale of the community as a whole. This fellowship will grant me the ability to connect with and help members of the Pittsburgh community on a first-hand basis. I look forward to working towards social change and development within the community that I am grateful to have become a part of.”

Michael Calhoun

Major: Computer Science

“I hope to gain a better understanding of Pittsburgh and its nuances, and how the different communities within Pittsburgh all interact with each other. By learning what challenges face the people within these communities, I can learn how different things like class, race, ethnicity, physical location, and other circumstances all affect how a person interacts with their world and what other people can do to assist.”

Lindsey N. Gorman

Major: Molecular Biology/Biochemistry and Psychology

Minor: Chemistry and Bioengineering

“I've lived in Pittsburgh my entire life and knew I wanted to work within the community as a student at the University of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has evolved so much as a city and I look forward to contributing to its growth as a Browne Leadership Fellow. There are not many opportunities to engage within the community as in depth as the fellowship requires and I am excited and grateful to see how I will grow throughout it. This experience will not only allow all of us fellows to have a lasting impact on a population, but allow those individuals to have a lasting impact on all of us.”

Virginia Lefever

Major: Biological Science and Political Science

Minor: Chemistry

“I seek to serve and learn within our local community.  I would like to understand firsthand the perspectives of and issues facing residents.  From that, we can together develop goals and realistic actions to help our community that can make an ongoing difference.  I am working towards attending law school and concentrating in health policy.  In turn, my efforts during my fellowship will help me grow in my overall goal of learning to resolve health policy issues that will fairly encompass all of us.”

Daniel J. Porter

Major: Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Minor: Undecided

“Throughout my life I have been forced to face a lot of adversity, but I believe that overcoming such obstacles has truly shaped who I am as a person. Experiencing the helping hand of others has truly benefited my life, and one of my goals is to try to impact as many people as I can in a positive way. My future in the field of engineering will provide me with the means to affect a lot of lives and this Fellowship is an amazing step in the right direction. This experience is another way I will learn to personally shape myself so I can make a positive impact in the community. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity to make a difference!”

Chelsea Rader

Major: Urban Studies

Minors: Legal Studies and Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies

“As an urban studies major, I have a strong curiosity about community development and social issues, but I feel as if my degree would not be complete without some sort of hands on experience in community engagement in an urban atmosphere. I have worked in Pittsburgh over the last year at both the Fair Housing Partnership and the Pittsburgh Downtown Community Development Corporation. Through my experience I have gained a greater understanding of the different neighborhoods in the city and their complex demographics. Pittsburgh is a city with great potential, but with growth it is key that social justice is not forgotten and underrepresented populations are not overlooked. As a Browne Leadership Fellow I hope to aid Pittsburgh’s growth and bustling sense of community while keeping in mind the needs of the diverse range of Pittsburghers.”

Sam Ressin

Major: Econ-Stat

Minor: Political Science

"While I have explored numerous social justice issues in high school through my youth group, I've never had the opportunity to focus on and address a specific need of a community for an extended period of time. I'm looking forward to learning with the other fellows how to translate service into advocacy so that I can help improve a local neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Furthermore, I plan on making the importance of social justice a central part of my identity as I progress in college and beyond."

Isaiah M. Spencer-Williams

Major: Civil / Environmental Engineering

Minor: Sustainability Certificate

“Growing up I was always provided an ample amount of support in all of my endeavors, and that has had a huge effect on the way I see the world today. Given this opportunity and my intended career path, I plan on providing support to those who are in need of it and helping foster sustainable growth and effective change in the community around me. Being from Pittsburgh, I have a huge heart for seeing this great city develop even further and grow into a place where everyone can blossom into their full potential. I’m excited and grateful for this amazing opportunity!”

Daly Trimble

Major:  Political Science

Minor:  Applied Statistics, Spanish

“I came to the University of Pittsburgh because I wanted to go to a school that prides itself on being a part of its home city rather than a bubble within it.  I applied to Browne because the fellowship is one of the best avenues to truly integrate into and serve Pittsburgh neighborhoods!  As a pre-med and a lifelong ‘burgher, I hope to use my experience with Browne to better understand the communities I hope to treat and advocate for one day.  I look forward to learning more about public health, city-wide support networks, and my neighbors during my time as a fellow.  I am also very excited to spend my summer becoming part of a new community!”

Amandi Wilson

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Chemistry and Social Work

Certificate: Conceptual Foundations of Medicine

“Each individual has the power to make a unique contribution to the world around them. I believe that it is my civic responsibility to actively serve in my community. By serving others, we learn to value the innate worth of every person. As a Browne Fellow, I hope to educate myself and others about the social and systemic injustices plaguing the Pittsburgh community. I plan to apply the knowledge and skills gained from this experience, to advocate for underrepresented populations in my future academic and vocational endeavors.”