2013 Browne Fellows presentations
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Zeba Ahmed

Majors: Japanese and Sociology
Minor: Korean
Certificate: Asian Studies

"After I studied abroad in Japan, I realized that problems are often universal or globally interconnected, and that to address them, the global community needs to work as a whole to solve these problems. I knew that if I wanted to learn how to resolve problems globally, I needed to first experience them on a local level. The Browne Leadership Fellows Program offered a chance to get deeply involved in the community while providing an academic framework to base my learning on. I thought, "How could I pass it up?" and it was even better than I expected."

Dominique Benzio

Majors: Psychology and Urban Studies (Community Organizing Concentration)
Minor: Social Work
Certificate: Women's Studies

"The Browne Leadership Fellows Program first stood out to me because I was looking for an opportunity that would be a blend of theory and practice and allow me to implement what I have been spending years studying in classrooms. The complementary nature of the seminars and the field placement allowed me to explore and work with a community in a very hands-on way, while still providing the support of the University and a classroom-learning component. Additionally, the Browne Leadership Fellows Program's focus on social justice and interdisciplinary engagement was attractive to me."

Pietra Bruni

Major: Clinical Psychology and Film Studies

"I applied for the Browne Leadership Fellows program because of the opportunity to work in a collaborative and group environment. I feel like effective and practical peer interactions are very important to our development as future leaders, yet are often left out of the classroom setting. I was drawn to the idea of learning from others, while simultaneously developing as a more effective and independent leader, student, and member of the Pittsburgh community."

Nora Fergany


Major: Economics
Certificate: Public & Professional Writing

"Growing up, my parents always instilled the values of social justice and giving back to my community. From the time I was 5 years old, I was tagging along with my dad to anti-war rallies, peace protests, and humanitarian lectures. When I found out about the Browne Fellowship, I was so excited that there was an economic and social justice program that would train students on how to work within Pittsburgh communities that I knew I had to apply immediately."

Mimi Frisch

Major: BPhil in Global health, Urban Studies

"I hope to pursue a career in global health policy, with a focus in urban areas. I applied to be a member of the Browne Leadership Fellows program because I believe that experience on the grassroots, community level is a necessary background to have when working on the policy level. I am interested in the role of community work especially in urban areas, and the Browne program allowed me to experience this on the first hand level-an experience I am sure will stay with me throughout my future work."

Samantha Levinson

Majors: French and Economics
Minors: English Literature and History
Certificates: Women's Studies and Western European Studies

"I applied for the Browne Leadership Fellows Program because I wanted to see how I could have a direct positive impact on a community. I wanted to leave the ivory tower of academia and invest myself in improving the lives of others, one day a time. I was interested in seeing to what degree theory works when it's put into practice as understanding the link between theory and practice is essential to someone like me who hopes one day to craft policies that actually help people."

Kimaya Padgaonkar

Kimaya Padgaonkar

Major: Chemical Engineering
Minors: Economics & Bioengineering

"I applied to be a member of the Browne Leadership Fellows Program because I thought it would be a great opportunity to explore the Pittsburgh area and to help strengthen a community while learning about becoming engaged as a civic leader through an interdisciplinary approach."

Shannon Reilly

Major: Anthropology
Minor: Political Science
Certificates: Arabic Language & Linguistics and Global Studies

"I applied to be a member of the Browne Leadership Fellows Program because I wanted to have a real-world experience to complement my learning in the classroom. Having such an experience so early in my undergraduate career as well as the possibility of making a difference in the city I had come to love also drew me to the program. I hoped to become involved in community action and even become a valued member of that community; the program lived up to all of my reasons for applying and has become one of the most rewarding experiences in my time at the University of Pittsburgh."

Zachary Arthur Paul Segal

Major: History & Sociology
Minor: Philosophy

"I have always felt that every person deserves a community to call home, and the Browne Leadership Fellows gave me the best analysis of 'community-building' I've ever seen. The program gave me the opportunity to learn from community development experts in the city, while giving me the opportunity to develop my skills in the workplace. I believe this program has things to provide people of all educational backgrounds."

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